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Thank you for Visiting!  The SUPPLY BUNKER was opened in November 2010.  Locally owned and operated by a husband & wife team who are both Veterans of the US Army.  We believe in being prepared & ready for whatever life throws at you. 
We sell True US Military Surplus clothing, boots & tactical gear. We are a Authorized Dealer for ROTHCO brand products and  have clothing for women & TROOPER GEAR for children. 
We can help you build your emergency Kits and Bug-Out-Bags. Our Library / Book collection on related topics is LARGE.
The SUPPLY BUNKER has the LARGEST Ammo Can selection in North Florida / Southern Georgia to include .30cal, 50cal, SAW (aka FAT 50), 40mm, 81mm Short & Tall, 120mm Tall and Hard to find 20mm cans & Missle Burial Tubes
Our Collectible Pin, Patch & Flag collections which are for Sale is the LARGEST from Orlando to Gatlinburg east of the Mississippi with over 5700 different items.
We Also have a large selection of knives from pocket, S&W, HUMVEE, UZI and are an authorized dealer for GERBER Tactical Knives & Tools.  Personal defense gear includes batons, stun guns, Wilfire Pepper Spray, Guard Dog products &  more.
We will  help you find that elusive item  you have been looking or may be able to suggest where to find it.
We are teaming up with Night Runners Moblie crisis Services to provide relief to the Florida Residents of Panama city in the on going recovery from Hurricane Michael.
We will be delivering 80 cases of MRE's and other supplies to them on the weekend of May 10,11 & 12.
If you can help in any way it will be much appreciated. We are not asking for any monetary donations but if that is what you wish to do we would ask that you do it with Fuel Gift Cards and such to off-set the fuel used for cooking, generators, delivering meals to those in need welfare checks and picking up building materials.
If you have any old propane tanks that can be Refilled they are desperatly needed for their Moblie Kitchen and Showers.
Food for feeding Volunteers and such is also needed. If you wish to donate food nothing perishable as we have no way to store before we go over.
#10 cans are best but anything will help. Cases of bottled water gallon size or small bottles also.
Building materials are needed to put roofs back on homes and repairs - Gift cards to Homedepot and such would be appreciated.
There are still literally 1000's of people Homeless (you don't see this on the News) living in tents, cars, trailers etc.
FEMA is leaving their job is done - as if they did anything.
If you can help in  any way it will be appreicated.
You can drop off any donations at The SUPPLY BUNKER now thru May 9th.
Visit to see who they are and also  -- Bear Independent on Youtube.


Friday April 26th thru Monday April 29th

The SUPPLY BUNKER will be OPEN Tuesday April 30th

Normal Operational Hours


**SPECIAL Alert Notice**

We believe in being prepared for any situation

If you are a Youtube watcher we strongly urge you to look at the following:

ADAPT 2030,  Mini Ice Age Farmer,  Canadian Prepper,  Silver Report Uncut & more

FOOD shortages are coming. FOOD prices are going to increase dramaticlly.

NOW !! is the time to stock-up wether it is at Wally World, Winn Dixie, Publix etc


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*Special Note: The Supply Bunker does on occasion purchase Previous Issue personal Military Gear from Individuals. However do not expect to call and be quoted a price for items over the phone. That would be the same as buying a Weapon or a Car without looking at it first. We ask that if you do bring your items by for purchase that you do not come with the expectation of Selling them for what you see them selling for on the Internet!! We are not in Business to break even. You are more than Welcome to bring your items by to see if we are interested. We DO NOT PURCHASE DRESS UNIFORM Items of any type. We suggest if you do not want your Dress Uniforms anymore to donate them to a local VFW or American Legion. 
Finding Surplus is a never ending process. Everyone wants Surplus and not pay high prices. As the Military Surplus becomes harder to find the more time we must dedicate to finding it.
So if you stop in we will acknowledge you verbally if you look at us.
If we are on the phone and look at us we will wave to you.
If we are helping another customer we will acknowledge if we can without taking away the attention the other Customer requires.
If you stop in and immediately turn right or go directly to the back of the store you will not be greeted.
If you are on your Cell Phone we will NOT interrupt your conversation
If you have a question ask!         If you need assistance ask!!        Even if we are on the phone or Internet trying to find Surplus!



When emergencies strike, rest easy knowing that you and your family are prepared to weather the storm in safety.


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