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Storage/Survival Foods

MRE's (aka Meals Ready to Eat)
We carry MRE's by the Case or Individually. Most cases are 12 per case and sometimes 14 per case. We also have limited supply of Low Sodium MRE's. If stored properly MRE's can last up to 10 years.
Check Out our Monthly Specials for Deals on MRE's while they last.

We are discontinuing carrying Freeze Dried Foods. The old saying "You can lead a Horse to water but you can't make it drink" is so true. After 6 years of trying to educate customers on the need to prepare we have realized that the $$$ invested and the space needed is not paying us back. What we have remaining in house is very limited. Mention this note and get 25% off your Freeze Dried Purchase.

YODER's Meats
Hands down YODER's Meat products are simply the best for the price and Long Term Storage. With a shelf life of 10+ years (if stored properly) you can't go wrong with the way prices going up. Each can is 28 oz (1 3/4 lbs). Price per ounce is comparable to Freeze Dried storage meats if not better. The PREMIERE item of YODERs' meats is their BACON.Each can is equal to approx 3 lbs of Bacon. However we will NOT be carrying Yoders Bacon anymore. When we first started carrying the Bacon we were selling it for $12.99 can. Our last price was $19.99 per can. Now on the Internet it is upwards of $24.99 per can (unless you buy by the case) The pot of water is only getting Hotter. YODER's meat products contain NO BPA lining in their cans