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Storage/Survival Foods

MRE's (aka Meals Ready to Eat)
We carry MRE's by the Case or Individually. Most cases are 12 per case and sometimes 14 per case. We also have limited supply of Low Sodium MRE's. If stored properly MRE's can last up to 10 years.
Apple Dices &
We still carry MRE's in Store.

Below is a list of Storage Foods we
aquired at an Estate sale. If you would
like to purchase any of the storage
Foods come to The Supply Bunker
place and Pay for your order. We will
have it for you the next Business day
at The Supply Bunker.

Updated as of May 24th 2018

Listed below is what is remaining at GREAT Pricing!

Bucket / Pails:
                                                                     RETAIL  (as of 3/20/2018)   Our Price        ALL Prices are per each 1 Count NOT the qty available listed                       
Hard Red Winter Wheat 40lbs x 12         ($58.99)                                   $29.00 each
HWW 40 lbs x 4                                        ($58.99)                                    $29.00 each                                 
E-Essentials HRW 45lb x 1                       ($49.95)                                  $Free$ each
E-Essential Soft WW 45lb x 1                  ($49.95)                                   $25.00 each

Montana wheat Spelt 40lb x 1                ($129.95)                                   $65.00 each                   
Montana Bronze Red Hard Spring Organic Wheat 40lb x 1 ($69.95)   $35.00 each
Whole Oat Groats 40lb x 2                      ($79.99)                                   $40.00 each

Mountain House #10 can Meal’s             
Pasta Primavera x 2                               ($31.99)                                    $16.00 each
Scrambled Egg mix Butter Flavored x 3                  ($38.99)               $20.00 each 

#10 cans Various
Provident Pantry (PP) whole egg powder x  1         ($29.99)              $15.00 each
Maple Leaf Whole Egg Powder x 4                                                       $12.00 each
PP Egg white powder x 3                                           ($70.99)              $35.00 each
Thrive Hard White winter wheat x 15                         ($8.89)               $ 5.00 each
Aug Iodized Salt x 5                                                     ($7.99)               $ 5.00 each
Maple Leaf Corn Meal x 2                                                                      $ 8.00 each
Maple Leaf Rolled Oats x 2                                                                    $ 7.00 each
Aug Tomato Powder x 3                                           ($32.99)                $16.00 each     
Thrive Monterey Jack Cheese x 1                           ($49.89)                $25.00 each
Aug Instant Non Fat Milk x 1                                   ($22.99)                $12.00 each
Maple Leaf Instant Milk x 10                                                                  $10.00 each
Aug Cheese Blend Powder x 1                               ($33.99)                 $17.00 each
Maple Leaf Cheese Sauce Powder x 2                                                 $15.00 each
Maple Leaf Elbow Macoroni x 2                                                            $ 8.00 each

There is NO sales Tax on Food 
Retail as of March 20th, 2018 is shown and does not include shipping if you were to purchase on the Internet
Almost ALL still have approx. 20+ years shelf life remaining.
We will attempt to keep this list updated as much as possible - So place your order early to get the items you need!