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Storage/Survival Foods

MRE's (aka Meals Ready to Eat)
We carry MRE's by the Case or Individually. Most cases are 12 per case and sometimes 14 per case. We also have limited supply of Low Sodium MRE's. If stored properly MRE's can last up to 10 years.
So we had since March a LARGE list of Storage Foods for Sale.
Most have been SOLD but we still have some remaining.

Below is the 1st section of the List of what we had for Sale.
What amazes us is that NO ONE called us on the the ITEM that was
listed as FREE!

It is NO Longer available so Please do not call about it.

Food prices are not going down. Prices on average are up 12% this
Even if you do not shop with us we urge you to start storing food ASAP.
If you were store store an extra $500 in food now that same $500 would 
cost you $600 next year.

Bucket / Pails:
                                                                     RETAIL  (as of 3/20/2018)   Our Price        ALL Prices are per each 1 Count NOT the qty available listed                       
Hard Red Winter Wheat 40lbs x 12         ($58.99)                                   $29.00 each
HWW 40 lbs x 4                                        ($58.99)                                    $29.00 each                                 
E-Essentials HRW 45lb x 1                       ($49.95)                                  $Free$ each
E-Essential Soft WW 45lb x 1                  ($49.95)                                   $25.00 each

Montana wheat Spelt 40lb x 1                ($129.95)                                   $65.00 each                   
Montana Bronze Red Hard Spring Organic Wheat 40lb x 1 ($69.95)   $35.00 each
Whole Oat Groats 40lb x 2                      ($79.99)                                   $40.00 each